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What does DISCovery Styles assess?
      DISCovery styles assess your behavioral style. It identifies your personality style as being predominately either Dominant, Influence, Stable or Compliance or a combination of these. Your style determines how you interact with others, what career choices are best for you, how you communicate and your value to the organization.
What does NOT DISCovery assess?
      The DISCovery does not assess intelligence, educational background, skill and values.
Is this a test ?
      No, it is not a test, it is an assessment. There is no fail or pass criteria on the result, this is a assessment tools for business use only and not for the clinical use or diagnosis of abnormal behavior.
How accuracy are the results?
      The accuracy of this assessment as high as 83% to 95%
How is the predictive validity?
      The predictive validity is very high 0.89 with standard deviation 0.065
How long does the assessment take?
      Most people complete in less than 10 minutes.
How long does it take after I complete the online assessment to receive my report?
      In seconds, directly after you complete the assessment.
How much does a DISCovery report cost ?
      Our best price for Personality Style Assessment is only US$ 11, for Job Style Assessment is only US$ 22, and for Job-Person-Match Analysis is only US$ 5.5. Learn more...
How can I access your online assessment?
      You must be our registered member. Register...
How do your online assessment work?
      Our online assessment system work base on credit(s) you have, where every assessment you take will deduct your credits automatically.
How do I purchase the credits?
      You must login as a member first, and then click on Refill Credits menu on the member's area.
Is there a limit time for validity the credits?
      No, it is un-limit time period for validity of your credits.
How can Employer, HR Managers, Recruitment Consultants, or Career Counselors use this information?
      The use of assessment instruments promotes objectivity, increase quality of hire, reduce cost of hire, shorter time to fill vacant positions, guidance in career counseling, improve communication skill, and enhance teamwork in order to increase productivity.
Is it legal to use DISCovery assessment in employee hiring?
      Yes it is, this tools assess job styles and personal styles and then calculate their match index objectively.
Do I need special software to read the DISCovery reports?
      No, you do not need special software to read the reports.
If I would like to get more information who do I contact?
      Send an email to We will get back to you ASAP.

DISCovery® Benefit

  • Discover the index of Job-Person Match, one person to one position, or a group of persons to one position.
  • Discover training need analysis of a person
  • Discover the key word to motivate the person
  • Discover the best career for the person
  • Add values to your customer by using the latest technology in hiring.

DISCovery® Impacts

  • Increase quality of hire, quality of new employee hired.
  • Decrease time to fill, total number of days required from initial preparation up to new employee 1 st day work.
  • Decrease cost of hire, cost to hire new employee per position

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