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Online Assessment

DISCovery Styles is the most practice personality assessment technology. Our assessment comprise of 4 methods of analysis:

1. Personality Style Analysis
      This is to explore One's personality within 10 minutes, you will know his/her personality styles, strengths and weaknesses, managerial styles, career area, and personality development guidance, in order to increase their productivity.
Our price: $ 11.00

2. Job Style Analysis
      This is to explore the specific behavior styles required for a job/position, and it will be a standard behavior for that position. Anybody can take that position as long as He/She has the prerequisite behavior. Our price: $ 22.00

3. Job Person Match Analysis
      This is to measure the suitability index (Job-Person-Match Index) of a position to 1 (one) or more candidates. It will increase your quality of hire, reduce time to fill, and show that your company is an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) company.
Our price: $ 5.50

4. Career Area Analysis
      This is to explore One's personality styles and the best career area for him/her. This is to Enable he/she to make a better decision on his/her career. Our price: $ 8.25
Our online system work base on CREDIT(S) you have, where every assessment you take will deduct your credits automatically.

The credit consumption is as follow:
Personality Style Assessment will take1credit
Job Style Assessment will take 2credits
Job Person Match Analysis will take0.5credit
Career Area Assessment will take 0.75credit

Credit's Price Comparison
# Credit(s) you'll buy Price per Credit Total Price in US$
1 25 25.00
10 21 210.00
50 18 900.00
100 15 1500.00
300 14 4200.00
500 13 6500.00
1000 11 11000.00


DISCovery® Benefit

  • Discover the index of Job-Person Match, one person to one position, or a group of persons to one position.
  • Discover training need analysis of a person
  • Discover the key word to motivate the person
  • Discover the best career for the person
  • Add values to your customer by using the latest technology in hiring.

DISCovery® Impacts

  • Increase quality of hire, quality of new employee hired.
  • Decrease time to fill, total number of days required from initial preparation up to new employee 1 st day work.
  • Decrease cost of hire, cost to hire new employee per position

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