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Product Name Certified Behavioral Analyst ©
Price $ 400
Shipping Cost $ 112
Description It's all about DISC behavioral assessmen tool, this self leraning course package consist of 1 CD-ROM, consist of 139 slides PPT ($100), 1 DISCworkbook ($100), 50 sets DISC questionnaires ($140), 10 credits for online assessment (150) and a set of qualifying test materials. Total price $490. Our price $343. This package will enable you to learn and mastering the concept, administration, scoring, and interpretation of the DISCovery tools. After completion of the self learning course and pass the examination test you will receive a certificate as Certified Behavioral Analyst (CBA), and you may put this designation end of your name. This self learning course is an investment in you, it will enhance your credibility in the eyes of your clients, and your organization. It will equip you with new skills to effectively consult, counsel and communicate effectively with others.
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DISCovery® Benefit

  • Discover the index of Job-Person Match, one person to one position, or a group of persons to one position.
  • Discover training need analysis of a person
  • Discover the key word to motivate the person
  • Discover the best career for the person
  • Add values to your customer by using the latest technology in hiring.

DISCovery® Impacts

  • Increase quality of hire, quality of new employee hired.
  • Decrease time to fill, total number of days required from initial preparation up to new employee 1 st day work.
  • Decrease cost of hire, cost to hire new employee per position

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