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Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not accept our Terms and Conditions do not use DISCovery styles assessment. By proceeding assessment it’s mean that you have agreed to these terms and conditions. DISCovery Institute may update these terms and conditions from time to time, please review this page regularly.


Using all of contents of DISCoverystyles including logo, trademark, reports, graphs, and information by which reports are analyzed and generated are the property of DISCovery Institute. Reports are protected by copyright and cannot be used without reference to DISCoverystyles.


DISCoverystyles do not record your credit card number, all the online transactions process handled by our authorized retailer;, Inc., Inc. is the exclusive authorized retailer of goods and services provided by"

DISCoverystyles is always provide reasonable efforts to ensure that the contents of DISCoverystyles’ website are accurate, and update 24 hours a day. The website may be unavailable or can not be accessed due to technical problems, otherwise we are always trying to minimize the interference in order to provide premium service to customers.

DISCovery® Benefit

  • Discover the index of Job-Person Match, one person to one position, or a group of persons to one position.
  • Discover training need analysis of a person
  • Discover the key word to motivate the person
  • Discover the best career for the person
  • Add values to your customer by using the latest technology in hiring.

DISCovery® Impacts

  • Increase quality of hire, quality of new employee hired.
  • Decrease time to fill, total number of days required from initial preparation up to new employee 1 st day work.
  • Decrease cost of hire, cost to hire new employee per position

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